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6 Tips to Feng Shui Your Baby's Nursery

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Nurserys a parent, your job is to ensure the safety, protection, comfort and health of your baby. Did you know that you can also encourage positive energies in your baby's life by utilizing the ancient practice of Feng Shui? This can have remarkable effects and allow your baby to get a wonderful start to life.

Below are six tips to utilize Feng Shui techniques in your baby’s nursery which will help to establish and develop healing energies throughout the nursery and transform it into a harmonious environment. 

Tip #1: Choose Colors in the Nursery Wisely
Colors have a big impact on the psychology and emotional well-being of humans. Babies are also strongly affected by color and choosing the wrong one can create emotional and mental blockages. It's recommended to create a harmonious environment by choosing colors such as pale blues, greens, yellows or pinks.

Tip #2: Make the Nursery a Clutter Free Zone
Clutter can get in the way of energy flowing peacefully throughout the nursery so it's essential to keep it clean and clutter-free at all times. Chi (energy) can stagnate if there is a build up of clutter in the room and can be responsible for sleep problems and emotional disturbances. Chi should be able to move freely throughout your baby’s room, including under the crib. Aim to keep things neat, organized and remove items that don't need to be in the nursery.

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Tip #3: Allow Clean Air to Flow Freely
Fresh air is essential to the growth, development and the well-being of your baby. Make certain that you don't allow the nursery to become completely void of clean, life-giving air. Make it a daily habit to open the window each day so that fresh, vibrant air can come into the nursery. This should be done even in winter months, but make sure you don't leave the baby in the room while the window is open.

Be sure to eliminate bad odors by emptying diaper pails frequently.

Tip #4: Don't Allow Electrical Devices in the Room
Computers, radio, alarm clocks and televisions are equipment that should be banned from a nursery. These devices can interfere with the chi in the environment. These devices emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and can play havoc with your baby’s emotions, health and mental stability.

Tip #5: The Nursery Location is Vital
The room location of the nursery can be absolutely vital in the Chinese practice of Feng Shui. Never choose a room that is above a garage or empty room. Choose a location in either the east or north part of house if you have a baby boy. And if you have a baby girl, choose a room in the south or west of the house.

Crib location is also important. The crib should be located in a position that your baby can see the door but should not be in direct line of the door. Additionally, the foot of the crib should not be in alignment with the door. The crib should not be positioned under a window and if at all possible, the head of the crib should be against a solid wall.

Tip #6: Don't Over Decorate the Nursery
Opt for natural designs in the nursery rather than choosing to decorate with pictures, prints or patterns that include animals, jungle scenes or an explosion of color. Natural, earthy and relaxing designs are recommended. Pictures of ferocious and dangerous animals should be avoided.

Now that you know these six powerful Feng Shui nursery tips, all you need to do is implement them so that you can reap the rewards that this ancient practice can offer. Creating an amazing environment for your child to grow up in is vitally important to their overall health and well-being.

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