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Useful Products for Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding Baby

The beauty of breastfeeding is that the only equipment that you really need is you and your baby. However, there are some supplies that you might find help make the experience a bit more comfortable.

The following is a list of OPTIONAL supplies that you may find helpful:

  • A comfortable area to sit such as comfortable glider or rocker with a foot rest. Comfort is key since you and your baby will be in the same position for some time.
  • A cushion or pillow to aide in positioning (for example: pillow, Boppy, or My Brest Friend).
  • A proper fitting nursing bra. Not sure if your nursing bra is the proper size? Check out this informative step-by-step guide by Bravado
                  Nursing Bras
Nursing Bra
  • Nursing pads. Reusable organic cotton nursing pads are best since these allow for air to flow to the breasts. Most disposable nursing pads have plastic on one side which limits the amount of air the breasts receive and can set-up an optimal environment for bacteria and yeast growth.
  • If you will be nursing in an area where people are present, you may feel more comfortable with a nursing cover-up (examples include: a nursing apron, shawl, or specially designed nursing shirt/camisole). 
  • Nipple cream/ointment.
  • For moms returning to school or work, a breast pump will help to continue to provide breast milk for baby while mom is away.
Don’t forget your water and snacks. Keeping hydrated and well nourished will aide in optimal milk production.
Recommended Nursing Wear

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