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Saving Money on Baby

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Saving Money on Baby


Having a baby is no easy job and it can get quit expensive when you add everything up. Cut some of these costs with our money saving tips and coupons.



Breast is Best
              Breastfeeding                        Supplies
Breast Pumps

Breastmilk is the most ideal food for your baby and it's FREE! No bottles, nipples, bottle brushes, formula containers, or formula needed. Talk about savings!
Not every mom has the desire or the ability to breastfeed her newborn and must turn to formula as an alternative. Formula can get very costly averaging between $1500-$2500 in the first year! Thankfully, you have options. Generic formulas, which by law must meet the same FDA standards as brand name formulas, can save you approximately $450-$750 in a given year! Other money savers include: buying formula in bulk from a wholesale discounter or from an on-line retailer, joining formula manufacturer's mailing list to receive coupons and free samples, searching for coupons on-line, and asking your pediatrician for samples.

Baby Food
 Savings on A Large Selection of Strollers

Making your own baby food is not only easy, but cost-effective too. You can make a weeks worth of food in an hour or less. Boil, steam, or bake fruits, vegetables and meats and then puree or mash to the desired consistency. Spoon the mixture into ice cube trays, cover and freeze.  Once frozen, empty the container into a freezer bag, label, and thaw before serve. Learn more about homemade baby food here.

Baby Wipes
It's astonishing to think that disposable wipes can cost you more than $300 in your baby's first year! Making your own baby wipes may seem intimidating, but it's quite easy and you can ensure that the ingredients used are safe for your baby. Check out the easy recipe here.
 How to Make Homemade Baby Wipes
Cloth Diapers
Can you believe one baby averages 2800 diapers in 1 year, costing you approximately $600 a year?!!! Want to cut this cost in half? Switch to cloth diapers. Not only will cloth diapers cost you less, but you can use them for your next child that's saving! Cloth diapers not only save you money, they also help keep our planet healthy. So, go green and save money!!

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